Where it all began!.

There are a lot of things that go into finding that dream home. The research about the floor plan, the carpet area, location, convenience and many such things help paint the picture of how life will be once you move in.

But for the first time ever, we would like to tell you a story about how we built a dream, before building a home. The former residents of Sundaram and Sadvichar Society in Borivali are testimony to this.

It was back in 2013 when the condition of these buildings were not good and considered unsafe for its residents. The redevelopment process began that year and the tender process began soon after.

The Meeting

Several ads were published in newspapers which caught the eye of many developers, including us. This redevelopment project was not just about building a fancy new building but it was much more than that!

It was all about living up to the hopes and trust of the residents of these societies. It was their hard-earned investment over decades that was to be torn down and rebuilt with an aim to offer them a safer standard of living.

While many developers were interviewed for this process, it is always humbling to confess that the people saw Mr. Anand Modi has the same vision, the same dream and the heart that was needed to deliver as per their hopes and dreams. So finally, ModiSpaces was signed on.

The Dream

But it wasn’t just a project for Mr. Anand Modi, he had an idea of making a product that was close to his heart and hence, he leaned towards a vision which needed the involvement and agreement of the members of both the societies.

Instead of just building a home, it was a dream to merge both the societies and build a wonderland that would be enjoyed and shared by everyone combined.

This dream, however, was met with lots of negativity and friction amongst many members of each society. The wedding of two families, from two societies, into one residential area was not something that was going down well with the people.

It was feared that there would be a loss of identity for each home, living together was simply a compromise of their initial personal spaces. But such a dream required a convincing that could be possible only and only if the intentions were pure. And eventually, the people saw that. Mr. Anand Modi spoke to everyone about the vision of this project with podium parking for all, a benefit that worked in their favour. Mr. Anand Modi won the hearts of everyone. Post lots of discussions about the merger, it was agreed upon and the M.O.U. was signed for Sundaram and Sadvichar in 2015.

2019 - Building The Dream Begins!

The proposal was put forward to the DY Registrar and we got the approval for the amalgamation without any hassle. A committee was then selected to lead this project and the people towards a better standard of living. All of this was agreed upon and under the new society name – Om Sundar Vichar.

The architect was on-board with Mr. Anand Modi’s vision and work soon began. But every great story is incomplete without some obstacles on the way.

It was in 2018 when Mr. Anand Modi had to undergo a serious brain surgery. It was 2020 already and as we all know, life came to a standstill with the pandemic hitting our homes and the entire world. But with the Grace of God, it didn’t stop Mr. Anand Modi’s dream as he recovered from his treatment quickly and got the concession approved during the lockdown.

He assured that the building constructed will be a landmark in the whole of Borivali and will stand tall and proud as an example of what co-operation and a united dream can achieve. This amalgamation became a benchmark for many projects in that area and helped in the upliftment of Borivali.

2020 – The Journey Starts.

No dream is possible alone. It requires everyone to support it and be part of it to ensure it comes true. And that is exactly what happened. The Development of Agreement was signed by all 108 members of the societies, some of which were residing out of the country.

This great achievement fueled our passion to build something of great importance. Bhoomi-Poojan was done in November 2020 and the IOD was received on the same day.

Sundaram & Sadvichar Societies