A lifestyle that doesn't compromise on luxury. And the environment.

ModiSpaces VOLGA promises an experience of uncompromised luxury, it also plays its part in being environmentally sensitive. From solar panels to rainwater harvesting, sustainable living now comes with style.

ModiSpaces VOLGA was born by a well-thought and planned strategic move by Mr. Anand Modi Inspirzz. Since two societies had to be involved in its creation, it was imperative to get people to see the bigger picture.

It was like two rivers making their way together and merge into an ocean. Also, it was here that Mr. Anand Modi used his ‘People Management Skills’ to perfection. He respected each person’s opinion, empathised with their feelings and understood their mindset.

Modispaces VOLGA is the result of Mr. Anand Modi's immense behind-the-scenes efforts of bringing people together. As a result, people can now look forward to a better and more meaningful lifestyle.

A 50-year legacy of building quality homes.

Since its inception, ModiSpaces has addressed the smallest needs of its clients by offering quality housing solutions. Backed by a strong legacy that spans over five decades, ModiSpaces is now managed by talented 4th-gen entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of real estate.

Attributes of excellence, quality and self-financing - with a fresh new perspective of environmentally conscious spatial design - have enabled ModiSpaces to successfully deliver one of the best real estate services in the country.

The company has delivered over 56 residential & commercial projects till date. And is currently developing over 2 Lakh Sq.ft. of prime real estate with another 10 Lakh Sq.ft. in the works.

The man behind the stellar rise of ModiSpaces is none other than its founder - Mr. Anand Modi. Adopting the moniker Mr. Anand Modi Inspirzz, this modern-day visionary has shouldered the responsibility of empowering and changing people's lives through his redevelopment work.

Basis his actions on his motto - Unshakeable Confidence - Mr. Anand Modi has immensely contributed towards the betterment of people and society at large.