Grand Entrance Lobby

If you’re going to make an entrance, do it in style.

The grand entrance lobby gives first impressions a whole new meaning. The first steps literally transport you to a world of grandeur and warmth – a preview of the lifestyle that awaits.

People's Gym. The power gym for a great workout.

Conceptualised and setup by the young entrepreneur and fitness professional Mr. Anand Modi Inspirzz, People’s Gym is one of the most successful multiple gym brands across India.

With branches in Mumbai, Nagpur, Coimbatore and Chennai - this fitness chain is backed by the passion for fitness for over fourteen years

And now, this unmatched gym experience from People's Gym comes to ModiSpaces VOLGA. With state-of-the-art equipment, experienced trainers and varied diet and training programs, residents of ModiSpaces VOLGA can enjoy a fitness lifestyle that leads to a pure life.


Pleasure is a luxury often found in a clubhouse.

Anything that makes one feel good should always be close at hand. The rare privileges of a clubhouse, for instance. Located in the tranquility of the 18th level, ModiSpaces VOLGA's Signature Clubhouse comes with a host of exclusive luxuries that makes for some serious indulgence. From taking aim at the Snooker, Carrom and Foosball tables to sweating it out over a game of Table Tennis, this is the perfect place for a break.

Children’s play area

The most memorable days are the ones spent playing.

Caring for children is caring for the future. Which is why the children’s play area in ModiSpaces VOLGA is not only fun, but also safe. Here kids can discover themselves by rolling in the grass, jumping from steps and having a blast without constant supervision. Let children be children.

Mini Golf

A course that’s designed to bring out the best in you.

A golf course is a privilege, especially in a city like Mumbai. Fortunately, residents of ModiSpaces VOLGA have one in their backyard.

Sky Lounge

Take a break. You deserve it.

The sky lounge at ModiSpaces VOLGA offers the perfect backdrop to host parties and up the glamour quotient. From a party zone and a dedicated barbecue area to a senior citizen’s area, leisure and entertainment are now literally under one roof.

Party Area

It's party time.

All anyone needs is good music, great friends, bright nights and a place to party.

Barbecue Area

Take a break, chilling and grilling.

Where nights turn into mornings and friends turn into family – happiness is a place called the barbecue area.

Senior Citizen's Area

No matter how old, there's a child in everyone.

Senior citizens can now enjoy their morning and evening walks, sip on their tea and indulge in meaningful conversations – all within the comforts of their residence.


A place where you can spend a day turning pages.

A library is one of those places where we can lose ourselves in a world of magic. It is also a place where we can find ourselves. By far, ModiSpaces VOLGA’s favourite corner.

Harish's Big Boss Salon

Harish's Big Boss now comes home.

Harish Bhatia is one of India's iconic hair stylists with over 50 years' experience. His hair salon brand, aka Harish's Big Boss, offers various services from hair colouring, perming, lengthening, make-overs and more. All with the use of environment-friendly products and practices.

The Harish's Big Boss staff is highly trained in areas of Hair, Waxing and Massage - and constantly keeps itself updated with the latest styling trends.

And now Harish's Big Boss comes to Modispaces VOLGA with much excitement and flair. It's time to get a make-over.

Internal Amenities

Living Room

Where family conversations become rituals.

Every living room at a ModiSpaces VOLGA has a distinct character. From the floor tiles to the windows and ergonomic layouts, every detail has been carefully addressed. Materials and combinations have been chosen for their aesthetic look, refinement and long-lasting quality.


Designed to bring families together.

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home - a place where memories are seasoned with love. Equipped with black granite platform, piped gas system, dado tiling on walls, and a stainless-steel sink, a ModiSpaces VOLGA kitchen is more than a cooking place. It's a work of art.

Master Bedroom

Because everything starts with a dream.

Feel at home immediately with a cozy, yet classy bedroom. With two-way switches, mosquito net and adequate light and power points, every comfort has been carefully curated here.


Wash your body and your worries away.

Bring out the bathroom singer in you, bathe away your day’s stress or simply hit the shower before beginning the day. We look at bathrooms as more than just a room. It is that space in which, you care for yourself more than anything else. That’s why we have ensured that we give only the best quality equipment and nothing else, because self-care is the best care.